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Vinyl Records

PPM stampa  dischi in vinile da 7’’/12’’.
Nonostante il 12’’ sia più comunemente usato per gli LP, è ancora possibile trovare anche Single ed EP sempre nello stesso formato.

    The interactive vinyl experience has made a comeback, nowadays it is once again recognized as one of the preferred methods of listening to music for many consumers. Our goal is to return this experience to full levels, with a production quality control process, in order to make the consumer 100% satisfied with the product.
    PPM currently offers two weight options for 12'' discs. The options are: 180gr 140gr
    BURNING A lacquered master is an acetate-coated aluminum disc that is born free with a smooth surface and no grooves. The grooves are subsequently engraved with a lathe in order to imprint the music. Each side of the record has its own primary lacquer, from which metal "records" are then produced, through a plating process, which will then be used to print the actual LPs. This mastering process is performed only on the first order, in the initial phase; for a possible reprint, this process generally is not repeated. IMPORTANT: The quality of the lacquer master will be as good as the quality master audio that we It is sent. To allow the creation of a good master, it is good to make sure that the audio is mastered for vinyl and that it is free of defects when sent to us.
    Electroplating is the process by which the metal disc that comes from the lacquer master is printed. It starts with a thin layer of silver that is sprayed onto the master, which is then dipped in a nickel bath and then plated. After the nickel bath, the master is extracted and the metallized part is separated from the original lacquer (which then becomes useless), this first product is called "Father"/"Negative". The Father is a negative of the final LP, it can be plated again in order to create the "Mother"/Positive", which would be the metallic copy of the original lacquer, hence the "Printer" used in the pressing process.
    We can work with different color options, from solid, solid or transparent colors, to marbled colors.
    The labels are printed upon customer request. The disc can be requested with black or white inner sleeves, for something simple, or personalized and delivered like this, or inside a personalized trunk, with an insert, if requested. In the case of a trunk, the product before being shipped is individually sealed with a Chellophane film, with a heat treatment. For the sizes and types of labels and packaging, follow the templates
    Project delivery times range from 4 to 12 weeks, times vary according to the project.
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